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Content created in or even transferred into a rich-text editor (for example, Microsoft Word or Google Docs) will often include underlying HTML code. If you paste Rich Text (text with formatting from a different source) into an Editor on a page in your site, this hidden code can cause formatting changes that may affect the way your content displays, or may even affect your ability to edit the formatting itself. 

If you experience formatting troubles - a different font color, size or style, an inability to change style - this can be fixed! We recommend that you "clean" the text with MS Notepad or a similar tool.

Important Notes

  • Notepad will remove all formatting from the text code (e.g. bold, text coloring, non-standard fonts, etc.) so you will have to replace any formatting you require manually afterward.
  • The Editor Widget, as well as the Legacy Editor Widget, have been updated to meet modern W3C standards for website across the internet. The widgets use Paragraph Tags (<p>) when using Hard Returns (Enter). Most likely, the content you want to paste in uses these Hard Returns when creating Paragraphs, which causes the spacing issues. We recommend that you remove the Hard Returns by using Backspace and then using Soft Returns (Shift + Enter). This will help the content to use Break Tags (<br>) and will reduce the spacing.


  1. Copy the text from your Word document
  2. Open a new text document with MS Notepad or a similar tool
    • Note: If you do not have Notepad pinned to your desktop, use the Windows Search function to find Notepad.
  3. Paste your text from Word into the Notepad text document
  4. Copy the text from the Notepad document
  5. Navigate to your page and Paste that text into the editor box or widget on your site
    • Note: Ensure that Live Edit Is On
  6. Use the Editor Toolbar to apply the font, color, and class formatting for the text as needed

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