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Content created in another source such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs that is transferred into a rich-text editor such as the Editor Widget in CivicEngage will often include underlying HTML code. This hidden code can cause formatting changes that may affect the way your content displays, or may even affect your ability to edit the content itself. This is especially important for existing CivicPlus clients preparing for a redesign.


In order to ensure the content you paste into the Editor Widget is "clean" or free of this underlying HTML code, you will want to ensure you are "plain-pasting" your content.


  1. On a computer using a Windows operating system, you will want to use Ctrl + Shift + V to paste your content without formatting.


  1. On a Mac, you can use Command + Shift + V.

Cleaning Existing Content

For any existing content that may already exist on your site, you can clean it up by using an HTML cleaner tool.

Note: CivicPlus does not endorse any specific tool for this purpose, but there are many different tools available for free online that you can use. One such tool is the HTML Washer.

HTML Washer Instructions

  1. Copy the HTML from the Code View of the Editor Widget on your CivicEngage site.
  2. Go to the HTML Washer site
  3. Paste the copied code into the HTML Washer.
  4. Click the Wash button.
  5. Copy the washed code
  6. Paste the code back into the Code View of the Editor Widget on your page.
  7. Use the Editor Toolbar to apply the font, color, and class formatting for the text as needed

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