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This article will show you how to use the Properties tab on a page to change the Page Menu TextMenu Text is the link text that displays in the site's menus. It also generates the page's URL and should be as short as possible.

If you want to enable, for an individual page, the option to automatically match the Page Title and Menu Text, please view our article Always Use Page Title for Menu Text. If you do not enable this option, and only use the Menu Text change option outlined in this article, the Page Title and the Menu Text will be different.

Important Note

When you change the Menu Text, the Page Title will not change. Changes will only reflect in menus.


  1. Navigate to the desired page
  2. Ensure that Live Edit Is On
    • Note: It helps if you have Live Edit On before you navigate to the page in case the Menu Item is a Link page.
  3. Select the Properties tab
  4. Change the Menu Text
    • Always Use Page Title for Menu Text: Select this option to always have Menu Text automatically match Page Title when submitted or saved page versions are published
  5. Click Save Page Changes
  6. View your updated Menu Text in menus 

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    Melanie Benzel

    When I searched for this information in the help desk, I was actually taken to a different page that didn't have as detailed information. This is what I was looking for. Thanks!