Transfer Both DNS and Domain


This article will detail all the information you will need to prepare for your site to go live.


You will need to:

  1. Manage DNS and update IP address
    • Contact your DNS host, if not self-hosting, and update the A record. This change can take 48 hours to completely propagate on the internet and upwards of a week to crawl and index through search results on major search engines.
  2. Export DNS zone records and export these records to CivicPlus
    • While you manage your DNS, export all of the records (screenshots, excel docs, etc.) and provide them to CivicPlus. We will then create identical records on our servers for the domain to use.
  3. Update Name Servers
    • Once we obtain the records, we can instruct you on how to update the name servers in your domain registration.
  4. Transfer your Domain
    • After you update the name servers, we will execute the domain transfer.

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