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Find the ADA Checker on the Editor

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This article will show you how to find the ADA Checker on the Editor.

If you want the tool to check automatically every time, email Support to turn that functionality on.

Important Note

  • This feature is only available in the Editor widget, any content in the Legacy Widget will need to be moved to the Editor widget in order for this functionality to run on your content.


  1. Navigate to your desired page
  2. Ensure your Live Edit is turned on
  3. Select the editor that houses the content you would like to have the ADA Checker scan
  4. Select the ADA Check icon
    • Note: If there are errors, an Accessibility Scan Results pop-up will list the error(s).
    • Note: Select More Information to learn more about the error and how to fix it. At this time, this link opens in the same window. It is recommended to right-click and select to open in a new window.

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