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V4 to V5 Image Repository Redesign


During the V4 to V5 Redesign Process, CivicEngage moved sites from one platform to another and the fundamental code base structure contains substantial differences.

These differences include:

  • In V4, users could only access the page from the back end. In V5, code changes offer the end-user the ability to enter Live Edit functionality to edit the page content in a "click-to-edit" fashion.
    • Due to this change, the page structure as it exists in the database is now container/widget-based as opposed to a running text field of an entire page.
  • In V4, the Image Repository was specific to each page so the images that a page uses have their own file folder. In V5, code changes offer the end-user the Image Repository (found in Document Center) so that all images on your site are in one easy-to-manage location.
    • Due to this change, each individual Image Repository was combined during migration to labeled folders, because V5 does not offer individual files or locations for these images to exist naturally. 
    • In addition, each page gave permissions to the images on V4. V5 simply cannot reliably assume the permissions of the previous page are adequate for the folder simply because it cannot adhere to a custom folder structure. Since permissions are so important, permissions apply with the intention to ensure that the baseline of permissions (Pages to Folders) are set accurately.
    • Our Content team manually builds pages when in the migration from V4 to V5. A folder with page numbers helps them understand where to find images.

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