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This article will show you how to add a Mega Menu to your site.


  1. Ensure that Live Edit Is On
  2. Hover over an existing Mega Menu at the top of the page and click Add Page
    • Note: It will not matter where you add this page, because you will move it to your actual desired location later.
  3. Create your New Page
    • Menu Text: Displays in the navigational menus
      • Note: Make sure to title this page what you want your Mega Menu to be titled.
      • Note: The Title box will auto-fill from your Menu Text box.
    • Title: Title of the page
    • Always Use Page Title for Menu Text: Menu Text will automatically match the Page Title when submitted or saved page versions are published
    • Linked Page: Check the box for linked page
    • Link: Paste the URL for your page or start typing the name or ID if it is an internal page
    • Link Target: Choose if you want the page to open in the same window or a new window
    • Use Menu: The link will use the fly-outs from the page you link to if it has any sub-pages and is within your site
    • Department Header: Make this page a Department Header
      • Note: If enabled, and the Search Widget is configured to allow it, it will be possible to search only Department Header-related content.
    • Description: Brief summary of the page
    • Keywords: Input keywords to assist in search functionalization
    • Page Tags: Add tags, do not have to be separated by commas
    • Image: Choose an image to represent the page
    • Hidden: Hide the page to remove it from menus
    • Feature Column: N/A for linked pages
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click Create Page
  5. Click Save and Publish at the top of the new page
  6. Navigate to Modules > Site Tools > Site Map
  7. Locate your temporary page in the Site Map
  8. Use the Blue Mover Cursor to move your temporary page out of its Mega Menu and locate the temporary page above or below an existing Mega Menu
    • Note: This action will turn your page into a Mega Menu.
  9. View your Mega Menu in its place at the top of the page

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