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Prepare Content for Migration (For Clients)


This article will provide a list of items to review before the content is moved from your old site to your new CivicEngage site. 

We suggest that you:

  • Review your content and update any staff members contact information
  • Ensure recently elected board members are listed
  • Policies are updated
  • Any outdated or unwanted content is removed

Update Existing Content

During your Content Preparation and Updates task, we recommend that you review and update your existing content. You may consider deleting unwanted pages, such as completed city, community, or construction projects. All updates must be made prior to the due date to ensure they are included in the Content Migration and Optimization. 

Update Recommendations

  • Contact Information
    • Email address
    • Names and titles
    • Phone numbers
  • Boards & Commissions
    • Board description
    • Meeting dates
    • Names and titles
    • Term dates
  • Election Information
    • Candidate information
    • Election results
    • Past Events
    • Polling locations
    • Registration information
    • Voting dates

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