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CivicEngage and Google Maps


On July 16th, 2018, Google Maps Platform changed the way sites can use Google Maps APIs. In response to these changes, we updated how maps are presented on our CivicEngage sites. To mitigate the number of API calls to Google Maps from bots and users that may not need the maps, we have added a View MAp button to some of the modules that offer embedded maps.


What modules are affected by this update?

  • Staff directory
  • Resource directory
  • Facilities
    • Note: Facilities can be switched to ESRI maps, to get this switch turned on, please contact us.
  • Real Estate Locator

Note: Citizen Request Tracker will not be changed.

What does this change look like?

A site that formerly displayed a thumbnail or a small embedded map will now display a button with View Map. Invoking this button will display the map as before.



We are continuing to work through this new update and will communicate any additional changes. Our goal is to provide the best in class solutions for our clients at the best price. 

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