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Change a Content Page to a Linked Page

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This article will show you how to change a Content Page into being a Linked Page


  1. Navigate to the Existing Page
  2. Turn on Live Edit 
  3. Open up the Versions tab
  4. Select Add Version
  5. Fill in the fields
    • Menu Text: Displays in the navigational menus
    • Title: Title of the page
    • Linked Page: Check the box for linked page
    • Link: Paste the URL for your page or start typing the name or ID if it is an internal page
    • Link Target: Choose if you want the page to open in the same window or a new window
    • Use Menu: The link will use the fly-outs from the page you link to if it has any sub-pages and is within your site
    • Description: Brief summary of the page
    • Keywords: Input keywords to assist in search 
    • Page Tags: Add tags, do not have to be separated by commas
    • Image: Choose an image to represent the page
    • Hidden: Hide the page to remove it from menus
    • Feature Column: N/A for linked page
  6. Click Create Page
  7. Click Save And Publish at the top of the page to make active

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