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Find Free and Safe Images on Google Images


To avoid legal repercussions, you can use the Labeled for reuse function on Google Image Search to find Free-to-Use images.

Important Notes

  • Reference this article to find out if an image is truly free or safe to use: Is it safe to use Google Images?
  • The Labeled for reuse image may be free to use, but the Related Images that appear with the free image may not be. Always double-check to make sure a related image is free. 
  • View our article Alternatives to Google Images for other ways to find free photos.


Although Google makes it easy to find images you can use, there are some risks involved. Even though there are images available to use for free, it is often better in the long-run to take your own pictures or use pictures that you own the rights to. 


  1. Navigate to Google Image Search
  2. Enter your search criteria and click Enter on your keyboard or click the Magnifying Glass to initiate the search
  3. Click Tools at the top of the page
  4. Select the Usage Rights filter
  5. Select Labeled for reuse
  6. Select one of the images
    • Note: Always double-check any Related Images to see if they are free-to-use. You cannot assume they are free-to-use.

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