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Design Center Pro Overview


Design Center Pro is a module that allows you to customize the appearance of your site. Through its pieces (Layout Manager, Theme Manager, and Widget Manager), you can modify a huge variety of styles or options which affect nearly every component of a site. 

You can create banners, main and secondary navigation, mega menus, containers, widget skins, and more! 

If you do not have Design Center Pro and wish to add it to your site, contact your Client Success Manager as there may be a cost involved. The Layout Manager is offered on a case-by-case basis. 




  • Layout Manager
    • Controls how containers appear on the screen, as well as their size, position, and relative arrangement
    • Modify Home, Interior, and Simple Layouts
  • Theme Manager
    • Controls banners, background graphics and colors, borders, fonts, colors, and other text treatments, and more
    • Widget Skins, which control Widget appearance and style
  • Widget Manager
    • Create and edit Widget Option Sets
      • These are a collection of configuration options for a specific type of widget.
      • Note: Widget Skins can apply to all widget types and Widget Options are specific to a widget type.

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