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Note: Authors cannot publish categories.



This article will show you how to copy an item from the Archive Center. You may want to copy an item if you want the same item in two categories. 


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Archive Center

  2. Select the category that contains the item you want to copy
  3. Next to the item click Choose an Action > Copy
  4. Fill out fields for your copied item
    • Archive Category: Choose what category to place the item in
    • Display Name (required: Name the item
    • Archive Date (required): Meeting or publication date; the system sorts items by this date
    • Description: Brief description of the item
    • Start Display: Enter a start display date to auto-publish the category
      • Note: Leave blank to publish immediately after you save.
    • End Display: Enter an end display date to auto-unpublish
      • Note: Leave blank to indicate no end display date; you must un-publish manually.
    • Opens In: Determines if the item will open in a new window
      • Note: We recommend archive items open in a new window.
    • Show Archives: Leave as default (Yes)
    • File Upload & Convert to PDF: Options are unavailable
  5. Click Save or Save and Publish at the top of the page
    • Save: Saves your work, does not publish to the public
    • Save and Publish: Saves your work and makes the item publicly viewable

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