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Note: Authors can add contact information to unpublished pages.




This article will show you how to add the Staff Directory widget to a Feature Column in order to show contact information on your page. 


  1. Navigate to your desired page
  2. Ensure that Live Edit Is On
  3. Enable the Feature Column
  4. Drag-and-drop the Staff Directory widget to the Feature Column
  5. Fill out Widget options
    • Options
      • Skin: Select appearance style
      • Header Text: Create header text
      • Option Set: Select an option set
      • Number of Columns: Display content in columns
      • Advanced
        • Widget Breakpoint: Width at which the widget will switch from narrow to wide view
        • Push To All Versions of this Page: Add a copy of this widget to all versions of this page
        • Push To All Subpages of this Page: Add a copy of this widget to all subpages of this page
        • Push Options: Choose where to put the widget within pushed pages
  6. Navigate to Departments & Staff
  7. Search for Departments or Staff Names to display
  8. Click the button to add the item
  9. Select which features to display for the employee
    • Photo: Feature the employee's photo
    • First name: Displays their first name
    • Last name: Displays their last name
    • Title: Displays their title/position
    • Email address: Displays their email address
    • Phone number: Displays their phone number
    • Biography: Displays a brief biography/description
    • Link to staff in Staff Directory: Displays a link to the wider Staff Directory
  10. Repeat steps 7-9 to add more employees
  11. Click when finished
  12. View Contact Information in the Feature Column
  13. Saving Options
    • Save: Allows you to save the changes and publish
    • Save as Copy: Allows you to save an unpublished version; authors will only be able to save as copy
    • Cancel: Does not save changes made

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