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A frequent cause for confusion is the distinction between the Archive Center and Agenda Center. This article will highlight the purpose and features of each item. 

  Agenda Center Archive Center
Purpose The Agenda Center offers an easy way to create and display agendas for various civic organizations. The Agenda Center can create agenda templates for repeated use, workflows to ensure agenda accuracy, and the ability to enter minutes directly into each agenda. This functionality is combined with the ability to customize both the creation and organization of the Agenda Center. The Archive Center is a file repository that houses data-sensitive documents that must organize and display chronologically.


  • Customize the Agenda Center's public side and create rules related to the creation and customization of agendas using the Properties tab: Options button
  • Setup an email notification for System Administrators and Owners when a new agenda category is created
  • Allow a copy of the agenda to be posted in the Archive Center
  • Ability to allow users to move items in folders
  • Unpublish agendas in order to remove or modify them
  • Create a public name for the Agenda Center
  • Rename the Agenda Center for the admin side of a site


  • Reduce redundant work by creating agenda templates
  • Customize the creation and organization of your agenda
  • Save time by entering minutes directly into each agenda
  • Create a one-stop-shop for the public to view agenda minutes, meeting videos, and downloads of agendas, minutes or complete packets
  • Documents found in Archive Center:
    • Annual Reports
    • Budgets
    • Agendas and Minutes
      • Note: Agenda Center is more optimal for these types of documents.
    • Newsletters
    • Other documents you want to display current and past versions of
  • Archive Center automatically publishes all published items

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