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This article will show you how to modify an unsent message to a subscriber list in Calendars.


Important Note

When you re-save a pending message, it should not send a notification, unless you click Save and Send. In that case, the most recent specified notification will send out.



  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Calendar

  2. Select Go To Email Lists

  3. Select the category that has the unsent message you wish to modify

  4. Click Choose an Action > View Messages next to the list

  5. Click Choose an Action > Modify next to the message

  6. Make your edits
    • Date to Send: Enter the date to send in [mm/dd/yyyy] format
      • Note: Blank field will send the email immediately.
    • Time to Send: Enter the exact time in [hh:mm] [am/pm] format
    • Sender Name: Enter the sender name
      • Note: This field will default with the category name.
    • Reply Address: Enter a reply address
      • Note: This field will default with
    • Email Subject: Enter a subject/heading
    • Show Archives: Choose to show archives
      • Note: Keep as default (No).
    • HTML Message: Enter your message as HTML code
      • Copy HTML To Text: Click this button to format into plain text below
    • Plain Text: Enter plain text
    • Mobile Text/Push Message: Enter a message for SMS/Text Message
      • Note: There is a 160 character limit.

  7. Scroll up and select a saving option
    • Save: Saves changes, will not send yet, even if send date is in the future
      • Note: You will only see this option if your message is still in Draft mode.
    • Save and Send: Saves changes, will send the message according to its send date

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