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This article will show you the Properties in the Functionality tab within the Activities module.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Activities
  2. Select the Properties tab
  3. On the Functionality tab, view the Properties
    • Admin Name (required): Administrative name of the module; used in the dropdown menu and while editing the module
      • Default: Activities
    • Header Text: Input text for the header
      • Refresh Preview: Click to view what the header will look like on the front-end
    • Footer Text: Input text for the footer
      • Refresh Preview: Click to view what the footer will look like on the front-end
    • Public Name: Name that will publicly display for the module
      • Default: Activities
    • Expiration Warning Hours (required): Number of hours to give a warning before an item in the module expires
      • Default: 48 hours
      • Note: Do NOT set to a negative number or 0.
    • Send Notification Emails: Choose to not send emails, send emails about submittals, send emails about expiring items, or send emails about submittals AND expiring items
    • Registration Submissions: Enter an email address for registration forms to submit to
    • Allow Online Registration: Click to allow; by default, Public Registration will be turned on for each activity
    • Allow Users to Register as Guest: Allow users to register for sessions without creating an account
    • Show IP Address: Click to display the IP address on the submitted registration data screen
    • Show Referrer Page: Click to display the Referrer Page on the submitted registration data screen 
  4. Scroll to the top and click Save Changes

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