Create Field Sets for Activities

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You can create custom field sets for your Registration Forms in Activites.

Field Sets are groups of fields that you can add to a form at one time.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Activities
  2. Select the Field Sets tab
  3. Click Add Field Set
  4. Create a name for your field set (eg: Address, Phone Number)
  5. Drag and drop fields into the field area to add them to the field set
    • Field Types
      • Short Answer: Will allow for a short answer
        • Note: Character limit of 999 characters.
      • Long Answer: Will allow for a long answer
        • Note: Character limit of 9999 characters.
      • Checkboxes: Will allow you to add checkbox options to choose from
        • Note: No limit to the amount of checkboxes you can create.
      • Dropdown: Will allow you to add drop-down options to choose from
        • Note: No limit to the amount of drop-down options you can create.
      • Radio Buttons: Will allow you to add radio button options to choose from
        • Note: No limit to the amount of radio buttons you can create.
      • Section Break: Will add a section break to the form
      • Reply Email: Will allow a reply email to be entered
      • Page Break: Will add a page break to separate the form
      • Date/Time: Will allow a date/time on the form
      • File Upload: Will allow files to be uploaded
      • Image: Will allow an image to be added
      • Link: Will allow the addition of a link
      • Text: Will allow for a text section
    • Field Sets
      • Will appear with existing field sets you can add
  6. When you add a field type, configure those properties as well
    • Label: Create a name for the field type
    • Instructions: Add instructions
    • Width: Select a width (part of the field area they take up)
    • Required: Select to make this field type a required selection
    • Max Length: Enter a maximum character length
      • Limit width to max length: Click to make the width dependent on the max character length.
    • Placeholder: Add text in the box (possibly instructions) that will go away as soon as you click into the field
    • For Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, and Dropdown
      • Options: Add an option and click to add to the field
    • Note: Properties will vary depending on field type.
  7. Click Save Changes
  8. Scroll to the top and click Save or Save and Make Active
    • Save: Saves changes, field set is not available
    • Save and Make Active: Saves changes, field set becomes available for use

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