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This article will show you how to add a category to Notify Me.



  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Notify Me

  2. Click Add Category

  3. Fill in fields
    • List Details:
      • List Title (required): Create a title for your category
      • Brief Description: Add a brief description
      • Sender Name: Add a name for the sender
      • Reply Address: Input an email to receive reply emails
      • Allow SMS: Choose Yes (default) or No
      • Start Date: Add a start date
      • End Date: Add an end date
      • Show Archives: Choose Yes or No (default)
      • Permissions: Add groups with permission status
        • (V)iew: Viewing rights only
        • (A)uthor: Can create and edit; cannot publish or access properties
        • (P)ublisher: Publishing rights, property rights
        • (O)wner: All rights to the category

    • Default Messages: View and edit the default messages
      • HTML Subscriber Welcome Message: Will allow you to make changes to the default welcome message using HTML
        • Copy HTML to Text: Select this to view the text of the HTML written above
        • Default Message: 
          • This E-mail is in response to a subscription request.

            You have just subscribed to the following list:


            This is in addition to any other lists to which you may have previously subscribed.

            If these list subscriptions are incorrect you can modify or cancel them by visiting:


            Thank you for your interest!
      • Text Subscriber Welcome Message: Will show the text of the welcome subscriber message
      • HTML List Header: Will allow you to make changes to the default list header
      • Text List Header: Will show the text of the default list header
      • HTML List Footer: Will allow you to make changes to the default list footer
      • Text List Footer: Will show the text of the default list footer

  4. Scroll to the top and click Save or Save and Publish

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