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Copy a Link from a Bid

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This article will show you how to copy a link from a Bid.



  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Bid Postings

  2. Select the category the bid is in

  3. Select Choose an Action > Copy Link next to the desired bid

  4. Select a link below, copy it, then paste it wherever you need
    • Top Link/Relative: Used when copying into your site's page or module content
      • Note: This is a link that does not have your URL directly associated with it, the URL will be dependent on the URL your visitor is on. This often applies if you have many domains associated with your site. This is the recommended link when you add the link to your website.
    • Bottom Link/Absolute: Used when copying into a document or another website
      • Note: This is a full URL that forces a specific domain name. This is the recommended link when you reference a blog on a third-party.

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