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This article will show you how to copy a Job Posting



  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Jobs

  2. Select the category the job is in

  3. Click Actions next to the Job you would like to copy

  4. Select Copy Job

  5. Make the appropriate changes
    • Job Title: Add job title
    • Description: Add job description
    • Job ID: Add ID if applicable
    • Start Date: Add the date you would like this to start showing
    • End Date: Add the date you would like this to expire
    • Featured?: Check if you would like this job to be featured
    • Categories: Add the job to additional categories by selecting the checkmark next to the category.
      • Note: The job must be in at least one category.
    • Enable Online Job Application: Enables the Apply Online link that will take users directly to the Online Job Application Module
    • Status: Add the status of the job
    • Additional Status Information: Add any additional information
    • Salary: Add salary information if applicable
    • Qualifications: Add any qualification if applicable
    • Special Requirements: Add any special requirements if applicable
    • Miscellaneous: Add any miscellaneous information

  6. Select a Saving option at the top of the page
    • Save Changes: Saves changes to be approved later
    • Save and Publish: Saves and publishes job posting

  7. Select a notification option
    • Subject: Change the subject information to match what you would like
    • Comments: Attach a brief description of the job
    • Mobile Text/Push Message: Attach a message to the SMS notification
    • Include link to item: Provides a link to the item within the SMS message for a user to select via their mobile device
    • Send
      • On Start Date: Sends the notification on the start date previously set
      • Immediately: Sends the notification immediately
    • Select Send, Don’t Send, or Cancel: The notification will send accordingly to those who have signed up in Notify Me for the selected Jobs category

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