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This article will show you the Properties within the Facilities module. 


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Facilities
  2. Select the Properties tab
  3. Navigate through Functionality properties
    • Admin Name: Administrative name of the module; used in dropdown menu and while editing the module
    • Header Text: Create header text
      • Refresh Preview: See what the text will look like on the front-end
    • Footer Text: Create footer text
      • Refresh Preview: See what the text will look like on the front-end
    • Public Name: The name that will be publicly displayed for this module
    • Expiration Warning Hours: The number of hours to give a warning before an item in the module expires.
      • Note: Default is 48 hours. Do not set to a negative number or 0.
    • Send Notification Emails: Send Notification Emails: Choose to not send emails, send emails about submittals, send emails about expiring items, or send emails about submittals AND expiring items
    • Basemap: URL of the Basemap to be used for facility mapping
      • Example: http://sampleserver1.arcgisonline.com/ArcGIS/rest/services/Portland/Portland_ESRI_LandBase_AGO/MapServer
      • Use the ArcGIS API for more information on how to obtain the link you need for the Basemap field. On this page, you will view a URL definition that says: URL to the ArcGIS Server REST resource at represents a map service.
      • For information on how to construct the URL, view The Services Directory and the REST API. This page will provide information you will need to construct the appropriate link for the Basemap field.
    • Reservation Submissions: Reservation forms will be submitted to this address unless specified otherwise
    • Facility Submissions: A comma-separated list of email addresses for who will receive facilities suggested by the public
      • Note: If blank, all module users will receive the email.
    • Allow Facility Submissions: Allow users to suggest facilities to be added to the module via a button titled "Missing a Facility?"
      • Note: Submission emails will be sent to addresses specified in Facility Submissions input.
    • Show Directions: Show links for directions using Bing, Google, MapQuest and Yahoo
    • Allow Public Reservations: Allow reservations to be made on the public side of the module
    • Show Reservations as Private: Controls whether reservations can be shown as Private on the public facility calendar
      • Note: This page must be saved before change can be seen on Default Reservation Form.
    • Show IP Address: IP address will be shown on the submitted reservation data screen
    • Show Referrer Page: The Referrer Page will be shown on the submitted reservation data screen
    • Show Map by Default: Controls whether the map view is shown by default; unchecked will show the listing view by default
    • Show Calendar Monday to  Sunday: Controls whether the calendar shows Monday to Sunday; unchecked will show the calendar Sunday to Saturday
  4. To modify the Default Reservation Form, view our article
  5. Click Save Changes at the top of the page 

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