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This article will show you how to modify a Facility.  


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Facilities
  2. Select the category that contains your desired facility
  3. Next to your desired facility, click Actions
  4. Select Modify
  5. Edit fields
    • Name: The name of the Facility that the viewers will see on the public side of the website
    • Address 1: This field should house the physical or street address of the Facility
    • Address 2: This field should house secondary addresses such as Room # or Field #
    • ZIP Plus 4: Enter the Plus 4 of the ZIP Code for this facility
    • Map Location: Click on the map to change the marker location
    • Features: Select the included Amenities from the list
    • Hours of Operation: List hours the Facility is open for use
      • I prefer not to specify operating hours: Choose this option to not list operating hours
    • Hours of Operation Note: Enter notes for the hours of operation here
    • Admission Fee: List admission fee if applicable
    • Max Occupancy: Enter the maximum number of people for this facility
    • Contact Name: List a contact name
    • Contact Email: List a contact email
    • Contact Phone Number: List a contact phone number
    • Other Phone Number: Provide an additional phone number
    • Allow Public Reservations: Allow reservations to be made on the public side of the module
    • Reservation Type: Controls how reservations for this facility will be made by the public
    • Reservation Fee: Provide a Per Hour, Per Day, and/or Per Week fee rate
    • Reservation Fee Taxable: Allow taxation on Reservation Fee
    • Advance Notice: Amount of time needed in advance of reserving this facility
    • Time Between Reservations: Amount of time needed between reservations, in minutes
    • All Day Reservations: Controls the length of reservations allowed for the facility
    • Disallow Recurring Reservations: When enabled, users will not have the option to reserve the facility for a series of dates
    • Link to Video: Provide a link to a video
      • Open in new window: Click to open the link in a new window
    • Description: Provide a brief description of the facility
    • Create Slideshow: Click Modify Image(s) to add images to a slideshow
    • Select Document(s): Select documents related to this facility
    • Link: Provide a Web Address and Display Text (front-end version)
      • Open in new window: Check to open the link in a new window
    • Has Calendar: Check if a calendar will be created that will be named after the Facility and allow viewers to see reservations that have been approved
    • Show Directions: Allows you to have directions show on other websites
    • Display: Choose a From and To date to determine how long this facility will display for
      • Note: If left blank, the facility will display indefinitely.
  6. Click Save Changes on the right-hand side

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