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This article will show you how to add a Field Set in the Facilities module.

Field Sets compile field types that you can customize. You can add Field Sets to your Facility Forms to help save time when you create your forms.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Facilities
  2. Select the Field Sets tab
  3. Click Add Field Set
  4. Create a name for your field set
  5. Drag and drop fields into the field area to add them to the field set
    • Field Types
      • Short Answer: Will allow for a short answer
        • Note: Character limit of 999 characters.
      • Long Answer: Will allow for a long answer
        • Note: Character limit of 9999 characters.
      • Dropdown: Will allow you to add drop-down options to choose from
        • Note: No limit to the number of drop-down options you can create.
      • Checkboxes: Will allow you to add checkbox options to choose from
        • Note: No limit to the number of checkboxes you can create.
      • Radio Buttons: Will allow you to add radio button options to choose from
        • Note: No limit to the number of radio buttons you can create.
      • Section Break: Will add a section break to the form
      • Reply Email: Will allow a reply email to be entered
      • Page Break: Will add a page break to separate the form
      • Date/Time: Will allow a date/time on the form
      • File Upload: Will allow files to be uploaded
      • Image: Will allow an image to be added
      • Link: Will allow the addition of a link
      • Text: Will allow for a text section
    • Field Sets
      • Will appear with existing field sets you can add
  6. When you add a field type, configure those properties as well:
    • Label: Create a name for the field type
    • Instructions: Add instructions
    • Width: Select a width (part of the field area they take up)
    • Required: Select to make this field type a required selection
    • Max Length: Enter a maximum character length
      • Limit width to max length: Click to make the width dependent on the max character length.
    • Placeholder: Add text in the box (possibly instructions) that will go away as soon as you click into the field
    • For Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, and Dropdown:
      • Options: Add an option and click to add to the field
    • Note: Properties will vary depending on the field type.
  7. Click Save Changes
  8. Scroll to the top and click Save or Save and Make Active
    • Save: Saves changes, is not available
    • Save and Make Active: Saves changes, becomes available for use 

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