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Add a Commercial Listing from the Back-End

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This article will show you how to add a Commercial Listing through the back-end Real Estate Locator module.



  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Real Estate Locator

  2. Click Actions next to the Seller you want to add the listing to

  3. Select Add Commercial Listing

  4. Fill in the listing information
    • Listing Information
      • Price: List the price of the property
      • For Sale or Rent (required): Mark if the property is for sale or rent
      • Display (required): Either set the display date and duration or hide from the public
      • Feature: Check if you would like to feature this property
    • Basic Property Information
      • Address and County: List the address and county
      • Neighborhood: Add a neighborhood name
      • Acreage: Add the acreage of the property
      • Total Square Footage: Add the total square footage of the building
      • Property Type: List the property type
    • Building Information
      • Amenities: Add a description of the building
      • Location Amenities: Add amenities from the drop-down
    • Photos & Video
      • Photos (Optional): Allows you to upload up to 20 photos
      • Video (Optional): Allows you to add a link to a video

  5. Select a save option at the top of the page
    • Save Changes: Will save the changes without publishing to the public side
    • Save and Publish: Will save the changes and publish it to the live site
    • Cancel: Will not save any changes

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