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Note: Authors cannot publish a photo



This article will show you how to copy a Photo, which creates a duplicate of the original photo. You may want to copy a photo if you want one copy of the photo in one album and the second copy of the photo in a different album.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Photo Gallery
  2. Use the right-hand menu to select the Photo Album that contains the photo you want to duplicate
  3. Click Actions next to the desired photo
  4. Select Copy Photo
  5. Edit photo information
    • Note: The duplicate photo will auto-fill with the exact same information as the original photo.
    • Album: Select the album to place the photo in
      • Note: Do nothing to keep the photo in the same album as the original photo.
    • Title: Edit the photo title/name (145 character limit)
    • Photo: Click Change Photo to select a different photo or click View Full Size to view the full size image
    • Alternate Text: Create alt text for the photo (255 character limit)
    • Caption (Optional): Create a caption (255 character limit)
    • Photo Credit (Optional): Provide credit to the photographer
    • Featured (Optional): Choose to spotlight/feature the photo on your site
    • Additional Details:
      • Link (Optional): Provide a Web Address and Display Text 
        • Open in new window: Open the link in a new window
      • Display (Optional): Create a Starting On date and Stopping On date
        • Note: If you leave the Starting On date blank, it will display immediately. If you leave the Stopping On date blank, it will display indefinitely.
  6. Scroll to the top and select a saving option
    • Save Changes: Saves your work as a draft, will not publish
    • Save and Submit: (Authors only) Saves work and sends to a publisher for review
    • Save and Publish: Saves your work and publishes to the live site

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