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Note: Authors cannot publish a photo



This article will show you how to copy a Photo, which creates a duplicate of the original photo. You may want to copy a photo if you want one copy of the photo in one album and the second copy of the photo in a different album.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Photo Gallery
  2. Use the right-hand menu to select the Album that contains the photo you want to duplicate
  3. Click Actions next to the desired photo
  4. Select Copy Photo
  5. Edit photo information
    • Note: The duplicate photo will auto-fill with the exact same information as the original photo.
    • Album: Select the album to place the photo in
      • Note: Do nothing to keep the photo in the same album as the original photo.
    • Title: Edit the photo title/name (145 character limit)
    • Photo: Click Change Photo to select a different photo or click View Full Size to view the full-size image
    • Alternate Text: Create alt text for the photo (255 character limit)
    • Caption (Optional): Create a caption (255 character limit)
    • Photo Credit (Optional): Provide credit to the photographer
    • Featured (Optional): Choose to spotlight/feature the photo on your site
    • Additional Details:
      • Link (Optional): Provide a Web Address and Display Text 
        • Open in new window: Open the link in a new window
      • Display (Optional): Create a Starting On date and Stopping On date
        • Note: If you leave the Starting On date blank, it will display immediately. If you leave the Stopping On date blank, it will display indefinitely.
  6. Scroll to the top and select a saving option
    • Save Changes: Saves your work as a draft, will not publish
    • Save and Submit: (Authors only) Saves work and sends to a publisher for review
    • Save and Publish: Saves your work and publishes to the live site

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