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The Accessibility Page is not allowed to be edited because it is hard-coded as-is. To get around this, you can create a new page and copy the accessibility text into an Editor Widget on the page. From there, you can edit the accessibility page to your specifications. Once the page is customized, you will want to go to Quick Links and select the footer-helpful links category. In there, you will replace the sitemap link with the new page you created. 



  1. Navigate to your Site Map at

  2. Ensure that Live Edit Is On

  3. Click Add Page in the left navigation menu

  4. In the New Page fields, copy your desired settings from your existing Accessibility page and add any new settings you desire
    • Menu Text: Something related to Accessibility
      • Note: Be short with the Menu Text.
    • Title: Will auto-fill with the Menu Text
    • Always use Page Title for Menu Text: Menu Text will automatically match the Page Title when submitted or saved page versions are published
    • Linked Page: Your accessibility page will not be a linked page
    • Department Header: Select to make this page a department header
    • Description: Briefly describe the page
    • Keywords: Input keywords to enhance search functionality
      • Note: Separate each word or phrase with a comma.
    • Page Tags: Specify custom tags for your pages to allow for better search engine optimization or social media sharing
      • Note: Tags are entered in HTML format.
    • Image: Provide an image to represent the page
    • Hidden: Choose to hide this page from site menus
    • Feature Column: Display the feature column on this page
  5. Click Create Page

  6. Add an Editor Widget to your page and insert content
    • Note: You can copy text from the existing Accessibility page and place it into your Editor Widget. Make any desired edits.

  7. Navigate to Modules > Content > Quick Links

  8. Select the category that contains your Accessibility page
    • Note: This category may be Helpful Links.

  9. Click Choose an Action > Modify next to your Accessibility page

  10. Paste the relative URL in the Web Address text box

  11. Click Save

Now, your Accessibility Page will display the page you just created!

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