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This article will provide a solution if you experience issues with text contrast on interior page footers. 

If you find that information on your Footers have the same text color as the background, you will need to update the subpages that your Footer links to with the appropriate formatting and then Save and Push Down to the rest of the pages. 

This issue originates because the subpages use the same Layout as the rest of your site. 


  1. Navigate to a subpage that is inheriting from the Interior Layout
  2. Ensure that Live Edit Is On
  3. Select the Layout tab
  4. Configure the Layout options
    • Layout: Select Home (homepages only), Interior, or Simple
    • Feature Column: Check to display the feature column on this page
    • Theme: Select a theme
    • banner1 and banner2: Select banner themes
  5. Click Save and Push Down

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