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This article will show you how to create a custom set of links in the left-hand navigation on a page.

When you create a custom set of links, that means the left-hand navigation is not dependent or does not autofill with any links or subpages. Instead, you have the ability to make your own menu including any page links you want.

Important Note

  • Pages in Custom Menus do not inherit the permissions of the page on which the Menu is placed. Users who have permission to edit a page may not have permission to edit or remove Custom Menu pages. Custom Menus will need to have their permissions updated to match that of the section which contains the menu.
  • When you create a custom set of links, the possibility of ADA non-compliance increases. It will become harder to navigate through your site.
  • When you create a Custom Set of links, the navigation of the site may change slightly. Custom menus will appear in the Site Map as [Custom Links]. Additionally, custom Secondary Navigation has to be manually maintained, so if you adjust the links for a certain section and want those adjustments reflected on the secondary navigation, you must also adjust the custom menu.


  1. Navigate to the page that you want to create a custom link set on
  2. Ensure that Live Edit Is On
  3. Hover over a link in the left-hand navigation menu and click the Options icon
  4. Choose an A new set of custom links
    • Note: This will delete the current navigational menu and create your custom one.
  5. Click Add Page
  6. Fill in page information
  7. Click Create Page
  8. Click Save or Save and Publish
    • Save: Saves as a draft
    • Save and Publish: Publishes to live site
    • Save as Copy: Creates a duplicate of the page
  9. Return to your original page
  10. View the new page in your custom navigation set

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