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ePayment Center Overview


Within the ePayment Center module, you can create a secure, PCI-compliant payment gateway for your online services with CP Pay. Providing flexible payment solutions, CP Pay offers integrations with commonly used payment gateways as well as our recommended merchant account gateway, CP Pay Merchant.


  • Offer online payment solutions to your citizens without risk to your organization.
  • Make sure your citizens’ financial information is secure.
  • Citizens can pay for services, reservations, licenses, etc., through your website or onsite with EMV.
  • Integrates with key CivicEngage modules.
  • Gives you the flexibility to select a payment solution that best suits your needs, from the CP Pay Merchant to any of the other supported, commonly used payment gateways.  


  • Ability to customize or make changes to any form you create 
  • Email notifications sent out instantly to both customer and the client when the transaction is made
  • Export financial reports instantly with a click of a button
  • Integrates with Activities, Forms Development Tool, Form Center, Facilities, Licenses and Permits, and Real Estate Locator 


If your organization is experiencing trouble, contact CivicPlus Support. The Support team will determine if the problem is with the CivicEngage ePayment Center, the CP Pay Merchant or with one of the supported payment processors. If the issue is with the payment processor, CivicPlus support may direct you to contact the payment processor's support team.


Legacy Gateway Support Discontinued

As CP Pay represents the preferred payment solution for all CivicPlus clients, we have discontinued the support of creating new payment processor gateway configurations for our legacy providers, such as Heartland, Elavon, and PayPal.   

Important Note

  • CivicPlus no longer supports the provision of legacy ePayment Center payment gateways, such as Heartland, Elavon, PayPal. All new payment gateway setups must be with CP Pay, either the CP Pay Merchant or one of the supported payment gateways.
  • CP Pay and CP Pay Merchant are together the CivicPlus preferred payment solution where you can create a secure, PCI-compliant payment gateway for your online services. To learn more about our preferred payment solution, please visit CP Pay.

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