Best Practices


Bucketing Structures Best Practices

Best Practices

  • Make the first page the alphabetized bucket so users can see the subpages from the mega menu.
    • Example:
      • Boards & Commissions A-G
        • Airport Board
        • Accounting Board
  • Avoid having a page for Boards & Commissions and then bucketing the subpages as “Boards A - L”..etc.
    • Note: The point of bucketing is to organize content and make it easier for users to visually navigate the site. Making subpages "Boards A - L" requires users to click into the subpage to see what pages are within that bucket, adding clicks and making content more difficult to find.
    • Example:
      • Boards & Commissions
        • Boards & Commissions A - L
        • Boards & Commissions M - Z

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