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Document Tags for Simple and Complex Agendas


Documents do not need to be renamed in the Agenda Center, which includes adding document tags (such as (PDF)). Those will be added by the system.

Important Note

If the file name exceeds the character limit (maximum of 145 characters) or contains special characters (such as &%$#) you will not be able to upload the file without renaming it. In these cases, you should rename the file and work to ensure files are named consistently throughout the Agenda Center.

Simple Agendas

For simple agendas, you need to add the document tag to the description.

Back-End Example


  • In the above image the “Content Committee 9 13 2013” is the file name. This is the name of the document when downloaded. The system has added the .pdf tag. You do not need to rename this document.
  • In the above image, the description is what will be displayed as the name on the module page. The description needs to include the document tag.

Front-End Example


  • In the above image, the description of the agenda is shown with the document tag.
  • The file name is not displayed.

Complex Agendas

Documents uploaded to items do not need to be renamed. Document tags should not be used. Do not add document tags to Complex Agendas. This is the only module where you will not manually add document tags.

Back-End Example





  • Agenda and/or Agenda Packet Documents: Uploaded in Item Named "Agenda"
  • Other Documents: Uploaded to item named "Meeting Materials"
  • Document tags should not be added to the file name (the Agenda Center adds them).

Front-End Example



  • On the front end of the site, the client file names are displayed under the item names created by the editor. Even if the client file name contains a document tag you do not have to rename the document. Example: if the client file name is PDF Agenda, we will not change the file name.

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