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Note: Authors can create a copy, but cannot publish that copy.




This article will show you how to copy a Bid. When you copy a Bid, you create a duplicate of an existing Bid. The original Bid continues to exist, along with the duplicate.



  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Bid Postings

  2. Select the category that the bid you want to copy is in

  3. Select Choose an Action > Copy next to the bid you want to copy

  4. Details will auto-fill from the original; make edits, if desired
    • Bid Details:
      • Bid Number: Number assigned to identify bid
      • Bid Title: Title of the bid
      • Date(s): Start date when you would like the job to start, End date of when you would like the job completed
        • Leaving the End Date blank will allow for it to stay open until contracted
      • Time(s): Allows you to set time constraints on job working hours
      • Publication Info: Add publication name
      • Submittal Info: How to submit
      • Bid Opening Info: If there are any special details about the bid opening
      • Status: To change the status of the bid
      • Addtl Status Info: If there are any additional comments about the status
      • Bid Recipient: The contact to receive bids
      • Description: Description of the bid
      • Qualifications: If there are any special qualifications to submit a bid
      • Special Requirements: If there are any special requirements for the bid
      • Miscellaneous Info: If there is any additional information about the bid
      • Addendum Date: Updated date, if applicable
      • Pre-bid Meeting: Details for a pre-bid meeting
      • Contact Person: The contact name
      • Download Available: If there are downloadable documents for more information
      • Fee: If there is a fee for applying
      • Plan & Spec Available: If there are plans and specs available for the projects
      • Business Hours: Business hours of the contact posting the bid
      • Fax Number: If you have a fax number that you would like to receive information about the bid
      • Plan Holders List: Details regarding if a plan-holders list is used
      • Bid Posting Categories: The category or categories where you would like to add the bid

    • Related Documents: Add documents to the Bid Posting
      • Select a document folder and click Relate next to the desired document

  5. Click Save or Save and Publish at the top of the page
    • Save: Saves as a draft
    • Save and Publish: Saves changes, publishes to live view

  6. Select a Notification setting
    • Subject: Creating subject heading
    • Comments: Add additional comments
      • Note: 1000 character limit
    • Mobile Text/Push Message: Add the text message
      • Note: 160 character limit
    • Include link to item: Check to include a link to the event
    • Choose a Send Option:
      • Send: Will send a notification on the selected date
        • On Event Start Date: Select to notify your subscribers on the start date of the event
        • Immediately: Select to notify your subscribers immediately; this will send a notification for each instance of a recurring event (ex: an event occurs 52 times, a user will get 52 emails)
        • x Number of Days in Advance: Select to notify your subscribers a specified number of days prior to the event date; this will send a notification for each instance of a recurring event at the designated number of days in advance of the recurring event
      • Don't Send: Will save the event but does not send a notification
      • Cancel: Will cancel your attempted saving of the event

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