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Configure Text Styles in a Fancy Button


When you build a Fancy Button, you have the option to configure the Text Styles.

There are two Text Style view states:

  • Normal: State of the Fancy Button text when not hovered over
  • Hover: State of the Fancy Button text when hovered over

There are two tabs that help you modify your Text Styles:

  • Text: Modify font family, style, color, size, alignment, and underline options
  • Adv. Styles: Use HTML to create further specifications for text, hover, focus, and active display styles



  • Normal/Hover: Normal edits the default view of the button, Hover edits the hover state of the button
  • Font Family: Choose a font
  • Style: Choose a style
    • Note: You must choose a font first before you can choose a style. This is because the style options depend on the font family you choose.
  • Color: Choose a color with the drop-down
  • Size: Specify the size in em units
  • Alignment: Choose to align text left, right, or center
  • Underline: Select to mark text as underlined
  • Shadow:
    • Note: Text Shadows are supported by modern browsers (like the one you are currently using), but in IE9 or below they will not display.
    • Color: Select a shadow color from the drop-down
    • Blur Radius: Choose how much, in px units, to blur the shadow
    • Offset X: Horizontal shadow offset; a positive value puts the shadow on the right side of the box, a negative value puts the shadow on the left side of the box
    • Offset Y: Vertical shadow offset; a positive value puts the shadow below the box, a negative value puts the shadow above the box


Adv. Styles


  • Choose to customize, in HTML, display specifications for different actions (how the text will appear when hovered over, focused, active, etc). 

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