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All sales before July 1, 2020 have the original version of CRT™

Submit a Request on Behalf of a User

Who can use this feature?

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This article will show you how to submit a new Request on behalf of a user.

Important Note

  • All sales before July 1, 2020 will have this version of CRT™. If your contract started after this date, please view information for the new CRT package.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Request Tracker
  2. Click Submit Request
  3. Select a User
    • Search: Search and select an existing user
    • Create a New User: Create a new user
      • Note: If you create a new user, you must navigate to the User Administration module and unpublish and republish their account, after you submit the Request. If you do not take this action, your new user will not receive a Password Verification email from CivicPlus.
    • Submit Anonymously: Submit the request with no associated user
  4. Choose a Request Type; hover over a request type and click Select
  5. Fill in Request fields
    • Request Source: Choose Phone, Email, Staff, Walk-In, Other, or Online Form
    • Brief Description (required): Add a brief description of the problem
    • Problem Location
      • Address (required)Fill in Street Number and Name, Address Line 2 (if needed), City, State, Zip Code
      • Photograph: Click Browse to attach an image
        • Convert to PDF: Convert DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, and/or TXT file types you to a PDF
    • Your Information
      • Name: Will auto-fill the user's name
      • Address Information: Fill in the user's address information (Street Number and Name, Address Line 2 (if needed), City, State, Zip Code)
      • Phone Number: Enter phone number
      • Fax Number: Enter fax number
      • Email Address: Will auto-fill the user's email address
      • Preferred Contact Method (required)Choose Email or Do Not Contact Me
  6. Click Submit
    • Reset: Click Reset to re-fill in the fields
    • Cancel: Click Cancel to delete the request with no submittal history
  7. View your Request ID

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