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Configure Background Options in a Fancy Button


When you build a Fancy Button, you have the option to configure the Background.

In the Background, there are three display options:

  • Background (Outer): The Outer background is the primary background style.
  • Background (Inner): The Inner background could have a border, or a separate icon, inside a background image on the outer. This means you can design the overall Outer background and then, for example, design a border or Inner background.
  • Hover: Hover is the state of the Fancy Button when a user hovers over the button with their mouse. You have the ability to make this hover state different or remain the same as the unhovered button.
    • Note: Hover options exist for the Outer and Inner background style.

There are three tabs that help you modify your Button styles:

  • Background & Border: Modify the color, gradient, image, border, and add rounded corners
  • Spacing & Sizing: Choose how to display the button itself
  • Adv. Styles: Modify in HTML

The options remain the same for Background (Outer)Background (Inner), and Hover - unless otherwise indicated. The Hover state can only be modified with Background & Border options. It is not configurable through Spacing & Sizing or Adv. Styles.


Background & Border

  • Normal/Hover: Normal edits the default view of the button, Hover edits the hover state of the button
  • Background Color: Choose a color with the drop-down
  • Background Gradient: 
    • Note: Background Gradients are supported by modern browsers (like the one you're currently using), but in IE9 or below they will display as a solid color that is an average of your start and stop colors. 
    • Starting Color: Choose what color to start the gradient with
    • Ending Color: Choose what color to end the gradient with
    • Direction: Choose vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or radial
  • Background Image: Modify the background image
  • Border:
    • Style: Choose a border style (Solid, Dashed, or Dotted)
    • Width: In pixels, specify how wide the border should be
    • Color: Choose a border color with the dropd-won
    • Apply to Sides: Choose which sides of the fancy button to apply border styles to
  • Rounded Corners: 
    • RadiusIn either pixels or em units, specify how large the radius of the corners should be
    • Apply to Corners: Choose which corners of the fancy button to apply rounded corners to


Spacing & Sizing


  • Force Square (Background (Outer) Only): Force this Fancy Button to always display as a square
  • Display:
    • Padding: In either px or em units, specify how wide the outer padding should be
    • Width x Height: In either px or em units, specify the width and height units of the Fancy Button
    • Note: If you choose not to specify custom Padding or Width x Height settings, the default settings will display.


Adv. Styles


  • Choose to customize, in HTML, display specifications for different actions (how the Fancy Button will appear when clicked on, when active, when hovered over, etc).

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