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Facilities & Reservations Overview

Facilities are organized by Categories, Individual Facilities, and Sub-Facilities. Each can have their own calendar that you can allow the public to add events to individual calendars on the front side of your website.

Amenities are called Features, and your features can be completely customized, including to have a fee with taxes associated with them.

If you use the ePayment module, we can take the fee feature straight through to payment and booking.

You can still search the Facilities module by facility type or amenities. Each facility listing can have a customized reservation form that uses Form Center form fields, its own calendar with options for different types of reservations, separate hours of operations, contact information, and an updated Slideshow Manager.

The Facilities module will also work with the Calendar module so when you select a facility for your own events, it will automatically populate the facility address.

We have made it easy to tie into ESRI maps for better map management.


Back-End View

Front-End View

Facilities_BackEnd_View.png Facilities_FrontEnd_View.png


  1. To add facilities, you must first:
  2. After you create categories, you can populate with facilities:
  3. After you create facilities, you can then add sub-facilities
  4. Add Features/Amenities to your site
  5. Make a Reservation as a Back-End User

General Functions

  • Organize facilities by category
  • Provide details and links to important information, documents or related websites, cutting down on phone calls and foot traffic
  • Provide lists of amenities offered at the facility
  • Allow citizens to request a reservation of the facility



  1. Main: 
  2. Features:
  3. Reservations:
  4. Field Sets:
  5. Properties:
  6. Permissions:

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