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This article will show you how to add a Subpage to an existing Page's Secondary Navigation. Secondary Navigation displays in a column on the left-hand side of your page. Subpages do not display on the Mega Menu. 


  1. Navigate to your page you want to add a subpage to
  2. Ensure that Live Edit Is On
  3. Click Add Page on the left-hand side
  4. Fill out New Page fields
    • Menu Text: What displays in the site menu
      • Note: Be short with the Menu Text
    • Title: Name of page; will auto-fill from the Menu Text
    • Always Use Page Title for Menu Text: Menu Text will automatically match the Page Title when submitted or saved page versions are published.
    • Linked Page: Indicate whether or not this page will link to another page
      • Note: Selection of this checkbox will expand the menu:
        • Link: Select a link to direct to
        • Link Target: Opens the link in a different window
        • Use Menu: Select to use linked page's menu structure
    • Department Header: Select to make this page a department header
    • Description: Briefly describe the page
    • Keywords: Input keywords to enhance search functionality
    • Page Tags: Specify custom tags for your pages to allow for better search engine optimization or social media sharing
      • Note: Tags are entered in HTML format.
    • Image: Provide an image to represent the page
    • Hidden: Choose to hide this page from site menus
    • Feature Column: Display the feature column on this page
  5. Click Create Page
  6. If wanted, edit your page and click Save and Publish
  7. View the subpage in the secondary navigation 

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