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The Security Analytics Module provides you with direct access to Cloudflare analytics for your site. These analytics will help you stay informed about traffic patterns, trends and threats against your site and help you make informed decisions to better protect your site. For example, if you observed an increase in threats and those threats were coming from a certain region or country, you can request that CivicPlus block or challenge traffic from that country to mitigate the risk of impact that those threats may pose. This tool shows analytics for just the last week.

Important Note

  • This tool is available for Platinum Security Members only. Contact your Client Success Manager for more information on Platinum Security.


  • Total Requests: Attempted logins
  • Total Threats Stopped: Requests that were suspected to be a bot/spammer/etc. and were challenged (with a CAPTCHA page or JavaScript challenge page) or blocked
  • Total Unique Visitors: All visitors to your page
  • Traffic Served Over HTTPS: Unencrypted and encrypted HTTPS requests using TLS
    • Note: Redirects from HTTP to HTTPS are counted as unencrypted requests.
  • Types of Threats Mitigated: Shows human challenged and bad browser threats
  • Top Threat Countries: Where bad requests originate
  • Requests Through Cloudflare: Breakdown of the site's bandwidth usage, more cached is better because the site renders faster
    • Note: This bandwidth is broken down into uncached bandwidth (the amount your origin webserver is serving) and cached bandwidth (the amount Cloudflare is serving to your visitors directly, without having to contact your origin webserver). The lower the uncached bandwidth, the lower amount of data transferred from your origin webserver to the visitor’s browser, and the faster your website looks.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Site Tools > Security Analytics
  2. View your security overview

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