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Engage-Clerk Integrated Search Definitions


This article will explain what the CivicEngage/CivicClerk Integrated Search is, what it does, and what it means.


What Integrated Search Is

  • Engage-Clerk Integration: Exposes the ability for Engage to have basic visibility into Clerk
  • Search: From within Engage, perform a search of Clerk that returns a list of results 
  • Search Query Types: Enables search into Clerk's Agendas, Minutes, Attachments, and Items


What Integrated Search Does

  • Provides Convenience: A fast and easy way to obtain Clerk information directly from Engage 
  • Streamlined Effort: As a client, you don’t need to open Clerk to search for information
  • Familiar: The search query returns the results in a format familiar to you as a Clerk user 


What Integrated Search Means

  • Product Integration: A step in our continuing efforts to integrate the various CP solutions
  • Sets the Foundation: Opens the door to other search integrations with other CP solutions
  • No Cost: This integrated search capability comes at no additional cost to Engage/Clerk clients

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