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Perform an Integrated Search between CivicEngage and CivicClerk


This article will show you how to perform an integrated search query from within CivicEngage and return the search query results from CivicClerk.

Note: If you are a client of both CivicEngage and CivicClerk, you must have this search capability installed and configured.



  1. Navigate to the Search control
  2. Select the SITE CONTENT tab to search CivicEngage, which also provides for Advanced Search capabilities
  3. Select the AGENDAS & MINUTES tab to enable the integrated search into CivicClerk
  4. The integrated search will allow search queries into a variety of areas within CivicClerk, which includes:
    • Items
    • Agendas
    • Attachments
    • Minutes
  5. Within the search text control, enter the keywords for the search query and select the area within CivicClerk to perform the search
    • Note: Here is an example of a search query performed using the keywords ‘City Officers” within Items
    • Note: Here is another example of a search query performed using the keywords ‘December meeting’ within Agendas.
  6. To open the Agenda, click on the title and be directed to the associated agenda stored within CivicClerk
  7. Select Cancel or Proceed to Site to the pop-up
  8. By selecting Proceed to Site, CivicClerk will be opened into the selected Agenda

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