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CivicEngage/CivicClerk Integrated Search Overview


The search capabilities within CivicEngage have traditionally provided the ability to perform a search query within CivicEngage only. The search function would query site content and include some additional advanced search features, such as keyword search and content type filters.



To benefit our CivicEngage clients that also subscribe to CivicClerk, we have enhanced the CivicEngage search capabilities to integrate with CivicClerk. So, in addition to the traditional CivicEngage site content search, the integrated search capability allows you to extend your search query into CivicClerk and view the search query results in a format familiar to CivicClerk clients. All without leaving CivicEngage. 



If your organization is experiencing trouble, contact CivicPlus Support.


  • Provides Convenience. A fast and easy way to obtain CivicClerk information directly from CivicEngage.
  • Streamlined Effort. Interact with CivicClerk data without leaving CivicEngage.
  • Familiar. The search query returns the results in a format familiar to CivicClerk clients.
  • Product Integration. A step in our continuing efforts to integrate the various CP solutions.
  • Sets the Foundation. Opens the door to other search integrations with other CP solutions.
  • No Cost. This integrated search capability comes at no additional cost to Engage/Clerk clients.
  • Automatic. For new joint Engage/Clerk clients, this feature will automatically be enabled.


  • Integration. Exposes the ability for CivicEngage to have basic visibility into CivicClerk.​
  • Search. From within CivicEngage, perform a search of CivicClerk that returns a listing of results.  ​
  • Search Query Types. Enables search into CivicClerk's:
    • Agendas
    • Minutes
    • Attachments
    • Items
  • Open and View. Select an item within the search results to open the selected material from within CivicClerk.


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