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Not Receiving Text Messages From CivicPlus


This article will show you what to do if you are not receiving SMS or Text Messages from CivicPlus. In order to help resolve this issue, you will need to perform two actions: 

  1. Contact CivicPlus: This will allow you to change your status with CivicPlus
  2. Contact OptIt: This will allow you to change your subscription status with OptIt


Contact CivicPlus

  1. In different text messages send SAMPLE and CIVICPLUS to 46786 from your phone
    • Note: SAMPLE will send a demo-text of the service.
    • Note: CIVICPLUS will trigger the "Opt-In" message.
    • Note: The "Opt-In" message will allow you to join the notification service.
  2. Respond to the Opt-In message with your appropriate confirmation
    • Note: After you respond you will receive your final confirmation.
  3. Confirm the notification service is working properly.
    • Note: You will receive a confirmation message saying that you have subscribed 
    • Note: You may send a test message or wait until you need to send the next message.
  4. If the notification service is still not working, contact CivicEngage Support with the following information:
    • Your phone number
    • Screenshot showing a reply to the CIVICPLUS Opt-In message
    • Note: Please note if the user did not receive a response to either message.

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