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This article will show you how to modify an existing Resource/Business


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Resource Directory
  2. Select the Resource that you want to modify
  3. Modify fields
    • Resource Name (required): Modify name
    • Contact Name: Modify name
    • Address 1/2: Modify address line
    • City/State/Zipcode: Modify additional address information
    • Link to map: Choose yes or no
      • Note: Location will display on the map using the given Address 1, City, State, and ZIP code information.
    • Phone: Enter main contact phone number
    • Fax: Enter fax number
    • Email: Enter main email address
    • Show Email as: What to display as the email
    • Link: Add a link
      • Open: Select new or same window
    • Link Text: What to display as the link
    • Description: Add a brief description
    • Show Archives: Choose yes or no
    • Resource Directory Categories: Select the categories to associate with the Resource
      • Note: Daggers (†) indicate an unpublished category.
  4. Click Save at the top of the page 

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