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Container Inheritance allows a widget placed on a page to also display on associated sub-pages.

Disabling Container Inheritance may cause subpages to display the site’s default content rather than Department-specific content.

Only System Admins can enable or disable Container Inheritance. However, depending on the widget within the locked container, the content may be accessible from associated Back-End modules. Using Info Advanced, Quick Links, or FAQ widgets in inherited containers allows users with Author or Publisher permissions to edit content in these containers.



  1. Navigate to your desired page

  2. Ensure that Live Edit Is On

  3. Hover over the desired container and click the Lock button

  4. Select Subpages of this page inherit this container's widgets
    • Note: On all subpages, the corresponding container will inherit the widgets (and their arrangement) from the published version for this page. On this page, this container will be locked and editable only by those with permissions for Site Setup. On all subpages, this container will be locked and uneditable.

  5. Click Save Changes and Set Inheritance


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