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Alt Text describes images to users who are unable to view the images. A user may be unable to view images due to physical limitations or browser incompatibilities. Alt text should be succinct and describe the content and function of an image. Any text displayed within an image should be included in the alt text.

  • Example: Stack of blueberry pancakes with maple syrup.

Text Within Images

Screenreading devices cannot detect text within an image. Additionally, images may not render properly depending on a user's browser or device. Text should be added to appropriate content widgets and should not be included in images unless as decoration or included in Logos.

Alt Text vs Title

The text contained in the alt attribute is used to describe the image to users who cannot view the image. The title attribute is used to display text when users hover their mouse over an image.

Alt text is required for ADA compliance and provides a backup method of providing information to users that can not view images. Title text is not required for compliance but may provide additional information for users who can view the hover text.



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    Michael Jacoby

    Sorry, I'm confused. I thought alt text showed when hovering on an image on our sites. And by title text, do you mean the 'Display Name'?