Modify a Form in Forms Module (CRT Recommended Only)

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This article will show you how to modify an existing Form within the Forms module.

Important Notes 


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Forms
  2. Select the Category that contains the Form you want to modify
  3. Select the Form that you want to modify
  4. Modify fields
    • Form Name: Enter a name for your form
      • Note: This is what will be displayed at the top of the form on the Public side.
    • This form submits data to: If you have the Citizen Request Tracker, you will have the option to submit data either to Email Address(es) or to A CRT Category
      • Note: If you do not have the CRT, Email Address(es) will be selected automatically.
    • RequestTracker Category: Choose the category to place the form under
    • Priority: Select a default priority
    • Assigned To: Choose an assignee
    • CC Email List: Add addresses to the email list
      • Note: Separate multiple email addresses with semicolons (;).
    • The Start Date and End Date text boxes are generally left blank
      • If left blank, the form will become available for public use as soon as you publish it and will be available indefinitely
      • If a Start Date is entered, the form will become available on that date.
      • If an End Date is entered, the form will become inaccessible on that date.
    • Submit Options: Choose Submit Only or Submit and Print
    • Pad Cells: Choose Yes or No
    • Database Form: Choose Yes or No
    • Show Archives: Choose Yes or No
    • Enable reCAPTCHA: Choose Yes or No
      • Note: Enables reCATCHA upon form submission to reduce spam from bots.
    • Form Fields: View fields on the form
      • Actions:
        • Modify: Edit fields
        • Copy: Duplicate the field
        • Insert Field Above/Below: Add a new field
        • Delete: Remove a field
  5. Click Save at the top of the page

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