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This article will show you how to upload a photo to the Image Repository, which is located in the Document Center.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Document Center
  2. Select the Image Repository tab
  3. Select the folder you wish to add your image to
  4. Select Add Image(s) button
  5. Either drag and drop images or navigate through your computer to select documents
  6. Click Continue
  7. You will be directed to Add Image screen, fill in fields
    • Upload Additional Images(s): Upload more images
    • Display Name: Change the display name of the image
      • Note: In order to ensure accessibility, you must add a tag to the end of the document Display Name. The tag used depends on the type of image you are uploading. For example, if it is a PDF file, your tag would be (PDF).
    • Alt text: Descriptive text for accessibility and will appear or be read to those who cannot see an image
  8. To make additional changes to the uploaded file, click the triangle next to the image name
    • Description (Optional): Provide a brief description of the image
    • From and To (Optional): Insert the start and end date of the image
    • Hide this document from the public: Click if you want this hidden
    • This image contains text: Select to indicate that the image contains text
  9. Click Save or Save and Publish

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    Christopher Hunt

    Need to specify the maximum pixel size a photo can be. For instance, a 3024 wide x 4032 height pixel image gets turned sideways (90 degrees) when uploaded. This causes issues with trying to resize the photo in CP Engage. On the other hand if the image is cropped down in height to less than 3000 pixels it will upload without any issues.