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Hide a Folder From Public View in Document Center



This article will show you how to hide a folder from the Document Center list while keeping the documents viewable on a specified page. 

Important Notes

  • Document Center Folders do not have a “Hidden” attribute in the same manner as Documents. This is a workaround to allow Folders to not display in the Document Center front end page, but to be accessible to the public.
  • The document folder will be excluded from Search Results and will not show on the front-end Document Center page, but will show in Search Results. Documents in the folder will show in Search results unless hidden is checked for that document.
  • Users with a direct link will still be able to access the document.
  • This is useful for Bid or RFP documents.


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content Document Center
  2. Create a folder to hide other folders in, but do not publish this folder, leave it in draft status
    • Note: This folder, as well as documents inside it, will not be accessible.
  3. Create a subfolder under the first folder to put the hidden documents in
    • Note: This folder should be published
  4. Add the documents to the subfolder
  5. Ensure the documents are checked to be hidden from public view
  6. Publish the documents

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