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Within an Editor Widget, you have the ability to insert an image into your editor. If you click on that image, a menu with various Image Editing options also appears. This article will describe the function and abilities of each editing option. 

Image Editing Menu


  • replace.png Replace: Choose another image to take the place of the current image
  • align.png Align: Choose to align the image to the Left or Right of the Editor Widget, or choose no alignment
  • remove.png Remove: Remove the image from the Editor Widget
  • link.png Insert Link: Turn the image into a link
  • display.png Display: Choose Inline (on the same line as the text) or Break Text (automatically aligns to a different line from any surrounding text)
  • style.png Style: Choose Rounded or Bordered
    • Rounded: A rounded border appears
    • Bordered: A squared border appears
  • alt_text.png Alternate Text: Add alternate text to the image
  • change_size.png Change Size: Configure the Width and Height (in pixels) of the image within the Editor Widget

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